Saturday, May 25, 2013

Spring 2013 Begins - 15 May

sunny sunny day under the shade of my umbrella
I set up to repot seedlings a few days after starting to harden them off

slowly and surely the repotting got done
sorting happened

and resorting happened

and some plants didn't get repotted

yes I cheated and bought a few
(some lettuces have been planted at the allotment
but I wanted some for the roof too)

various peppers, some eggplants & yes - more tomatoes

Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Month Later

Look VERY VERY closely ...


AND ...

the stevia is growing gangbusters on the roof (at the allotment not doing as well - might be from a different plant - details, details - I'm just happy I've finally got a stevia that is doing so well).

Thursday, June 2, 2011

... we're BACK

... to pretty 'poopy weather' again ... you can see the spike and fall to lower than before ... the descriptions read, "cool, nippy and chilly" ... I'm actually not complaining because it's decent planting weather and almost everyone's behind this year.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

a couple of nice days on the roof

... well not really nice days (or I'd have been at the allotment) but nice enough to catch a snippit or two of sunshine between thunderstorms plaguing Spring this year.

I got plants ready for the 3rd Annual YGG Swap at Mel's, and was able to sort through some little collections to give to Barry, Helen, Barbara, Gayla and Mel. I have a fair number of tomatoes - more than I expected to have - but none of them look that great - none of them ... there are some really interesting ones as well (and I do mean one ... barely did any doubles come up) ... I am very pleased though that I have the little red currant sweet peas to give away to friends as they were almost my favourites last year). My very favourite one, persimmon didn't even sprout this year (and I only had one seed left) - such a disappointment. I really like that one. It always made me smile. I liked it's colour mostly. It was that same glowing peachy flesh colour as the flower Mel tweeted about about a couple of days ago. That twit pic made me happy and then a little sad again.

I got three determinate tomatoes planted into pots today. I am hoping it's not too cold for them. Next week is supposed to be nice and today and tomorrow will be overcast and rainy so that's good.

I was going to wait and put the melon seeds into the soil at the allotment and then I thought I'd scarify them and put them into wet soil so they could at least get a bit of a start - makes sense - I think. I also planted some poppies (black, scarlet, field and white).

... here they are soaking away!

I decided to plant the peppers and eggplants into roof top pots and to save a few for the garden ... I potted them into deeper cells and filled them with mushroom compost (their second helping). I know they look yellow - don't ask me why - I really don't know - too much lovin'attention?

... a random set of pots potted up today - ah!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Day One 2011 ... some nice surprises

... onions

... as always

... surprise lettuces! (and red dock)?

... possible strawberries (if so there are a lot growing in a lot of pots)

... a little decluttering so I can begin to do a little repotting ...

Last year at (almost) this time ... tomatoes. This won't be happening anytime soon this year!

And finally ... nothing here is organic but I'm hoping it's still nutritious in the end after I grow it organically ... the whole tray was under $20 at Fiesta Farms. There are 8 tomato plants (San Marzano and Paste Tomatoes) ... good thing I check on them because 4 of the 8 were in need of watering - they will be fine once they bottom water themselves in their new tray and it's raining).

Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Final Roof Haul of the Season

Really been wondering about all the rain in the forecast that NEVER happens lately ... and I'm glad I've got a hose and remember to check the forecast after it's to have happened ... most of the pots were still damp after their good soaking the last time it didn't rain ...

... and I got a nice little tomato haul off the roof again this evening ...

... been waiting for Elberta Peach - a friend for Zaid the Zuc!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Midsummer's Day Dreaming while everythings thriving ...

Won't mince any words - it's a little disorganized BUT everythings peaking and bolting and about ready to burst into ripeness ... got to just LOVE this time of the year (would like to bottle it and keep the lid on it for a whole lot longer) ...